Too Weird To Live. Too Rare To Die.
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who is she

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NEW VIDEO: “Attempting To Play the Kim Kardashian Game???”

Reblog if you kan’t stop playing. I’m following people who do! :]

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The year is 2060. iPhone 842 is released. The screen touches you

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”….Sort of makes me want to cry when whole interviews are chopped and edited to look like it was all me…….. Literally makes me cringe. You think I’d be used to it! Wish fans of our band who’ve stuck around so long coulda heard some of the great things the guys had to say…But anyway… last thing I want to sound is ungrateful. So I’m gonna stop after this: Paramore is a band.

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getting an 80% on a test in 6th grade:(loud wailing that lasts at least an hour followed by a sinking feeling of despair and uselessness)
getting an 80% on a test now:(power slides down the hall while singing the national anthem)
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